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Are you against taking control of your 1st party and 3rd party delivers?!

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Making Delivery Operations More Efficient To Re-Empower Restaurants!

Streamline delivery procedures to regain control for your restaurant and alleviate the strain on management regarding delivery issues!
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Why Use Meals Now Fleet for Restaurant?

Here are 3 benefits of working with MealsNow Fleet.

MealsNow Delivery stands out by offering specialized food delivery services, specifically tailored to brands looking for greater control over their delivery operations. With a comprehensive range of delivery options, including catering, first-party, and third-party deliveries, MealsNow accommodates diverse needs and preferences.

Meals Now's customer satisfaction-driven approach aims to create a positive cycle, prioritizing the happiness of customers and ensuring the success and satisfaction of restaurant brands.

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Reliable and Efficient Service with Support

Quality focus and communication availability are our priorities.


Customizable Solutions

We meet the unique needs of each restaurant.


Wide Coverage Area

We will GO the distance.

Restaurants love our products & Services!

Create your own delivery service with customizable fees, supplied drivers, live communication, and prioritized consistency for familiar, seamless experiences!

The MealsNow Fleet

Utilize our drivers for efficient delivery of orders from both ezCater and First Party Catering sources, all while cutting costs for you!

Brand Value

We enhance brand value while fulfilling orders.

Live Support

We offer live communication to keep all parties involved in the delivery process informed in real-time, ensuring seamless coordination and visibility into live orders.

White Labeled Service

Create your own Delivery Service! Customize your delivery and service fees, and we'll supply the drivers you require; we prioritize consistent drivers to foster familiar relationships between restaurants and drivers on a first-name basis.