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Are you against taking control of your 1st party and 3rd party delivers?

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Join Meals Now Fleet: Your Flexible Job with Competitive Pay and Diverse Delivery Options!

Discover the perfect flexible job opportunity with Meals Now, where you can set your own schedule, earn competitive pay, and enjoy tailored benefits as part of our expanding delivery service team, offering diverse delivery options including restaurants, catering, non-food deliveries, and more!
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Flexible Schedule

Work when you want.


Competitive Pay

Earn 25% more than the Competition.


Diverse Delivery Options

Variety of delivery options to expand earnings.

Why join Meals Now Fleet?

Here are 3 benefits of working with MealsNow Fleet.

Meals Now distinguishes itself as an appealing choice for drivers through a combination of enticing incentives, flexible scheduling options, and a fulfilling work experience. Drivers benefit from attractive incentives such as competitive pay rates, performance-based bonuses, referral rewards, and potential career growth opportunities within the company.

Meals Now understands the importance of flexibility for drivers and provides scheduling options that allow them to choose shifts that align with their availability and personal commitments, ensuring a better work-life balance. By prioritizing driver satisfaction and recognition, Meals Now aims to create a positive and rewarding environment that makes driving for them a standout choice in the industry.

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